Granny 5: Time To Wake Up

Granny 5: Time To Wake Up

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You find yourself trapped in a chilling nightmare within an “abandoned” hotel. Your sole objective: survive and escape. But beware—the path to freedom is fraught with difficulties. Granny and her Daughter, lurking in the shadows, hear every sound. Traps lie in wait, and the eerie presence of Slendrina in the dark cellar adds to the tension.

Gameplay and Challenges

  1. Survival: Your primary goal is to stay alive and unravel the secrets that bind you to this nightmarish realm.
  2. Avoiding Traps: Be cautious as you explore the hotel. Traps are strategically placed to catch unsuspecting victims.
  3. Slendrina’s Interference: The sinister Slendrina roams the cellar, ready to disrupt your progress. Turn away swiftly to avoid dire consequences.
  4. Difficulty Modes: Choose from various difficulty levels to tailor the experience to your preference.
  5. Interaction and Secrets: Investigate every nook and cranny. Uncover hidden secrets that may hold the key to waking up.

Granny 5 challenges your wits, nerves, and survival instincts. Can you escape the nightmare and find your way back to reality?