Heardle 80s

Heardle 80s

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Enter the Heardle 1980s and enjoy the puzzle-solving fun while learning about music. Enjoy a nostalgic trip through the music that defined a decade.

Exploring the gameplay

Heardle 80s is a game that will challenge your musical intuition. You will be presented with a short piece of music and challenged to identify the melody. The difficulty increases as you move up the levels, with shorter song clips and more similar alternatives.


Heardle 80s has a very intuitive interface. You only need to listen, and then select from the options provided. Hesitant? Continue with another snippet, or give a hint that will help you make a decision.

Different modes and progressive levels

Heardle 1980s is more than a single experience, it’s a collection that includes a range of different modes.

  1. Classic Mod: Get a taste of the game by allowing you to guess a large number of times and with longer clips.
  2. The Blitz Mode: This mode tests your speed of thinking by asking you to identify as many melodies in a limited time.
  3. Infinite Mode: Test your endurance by identifying songs indefinitely.

The game’s different levels are an homage of the 80s eclectic soundscape. Each one echoes a unique musical genre, or iconic artist.


Heardle 1980s is rich with unique features such as:

  1. Hints: Discover longer parts of the track by receiving hints.
  2. Leaderboards Achieve the pinnacle by competing and competing against other users.
  3. Daily Challenges Every day new tracks are introduced, making the game a fresh challenge.

Immerse your self in the music of that era to truly shine on Heardle 80s. Discover the rhythms and sounds that will lead you to success.