Taylor Swift Heardle

Taylor Swift Heardle

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Taylor Swift Heardle, a rhythm-based mobile app that mixes catchy music with fast-paced gaming, is a fun game. Heardle will engage you whether you’re a Taylor Swift music fan or you just like challenging games.


Heardle allows players to control a colorful character and navigate a world filled with obstacles. What’s the objective? As many notes as you can while avoiding all obstacles. This is how it works.

  1. Tapping to the Beat The music is synced to Taylor Swift’s hits, and every note corresponds to an individual beat. Tap on the screen to collect the notes you need and boost your score.
  2. Obstacle Avoidance: Keep an eye out for obstacles, such as moving platforms and spinning blades. It’s important to time your taps. Tap too soon or late and you may collide into obstacles.
  3. Combo Bonuses String successful taps together to create combos. The longer the combo, your score multiplier will be higher.

Guide to Controls

Heardle requires that you master the controls to be successful.

  1. Single Touch: Tap on the screen only once to get a note. It’s important to listen carefully and tap with precision.
  2. Double Tap: Some notes require a quick double tap. Be alert and quick to react!
  3. Slide: Slide left or right to change the lane and avoid obstacles. You need to be agile in order for you to survive.


Heardle provides a wide range of levels and game modes to keep players entertained.

  1. Traditional Mode: Play your way through a number of levels. Each level has its own Taylor Swift track. You’ll unlock new songs as your progress.
  2. Endless Level: Test you endurance on an endless level that gradually increases in difficulty. How far can I go?
  3. The Challenge Mode: You can take on challenges like completing the level without missing any notes or reaching a particular score.

Prepare to dance to Taylor Swift’s hits to conquer Heardle’s world. You’ll need to be able to tap and swipe your way through the notes.