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Do you ever think that you want a child? In PLEASE STOP CRYING you will have the chance to make this a reality. Learn about all the pros and cons of being a new parent. But be careful, because after this game you may give up your desire. Can you handle this horror that awaits you?

Do housework!

In this game, players will control a man, or rather only his hands. The wife went out on business and left tasks that needed to be done before she arrived. It seems that everything will be simple, but it is not. If she crosses the threshold and sees chaos in the house, she will scold you.

List of things to do:
• Prepare food
• Keep an eye on the child
• Clean all rooms
• Do some garden work
• Remove toys

These points don’t look scary until you start the first one. Everything becomes more complicated when you realize that the baby does not allow you to do anything. You need to calm him down as quickly as possible so that he does not interfere with your PLEASE STOP CRYING.

In this game, users must react quickly and also be dexterous. Attention is also an important aspect here, so don’t miss even the smallest detail. Perhaps you can do several things at the same time? Participants will have to feed the little one, entertain them and more in PLEASE STOP CRYING.