Silent Breath

Silent Breath

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Welcome to Silent Breath! This process is psychological in nature, which slowly kills the psyche. In the end, you will feel like you have gone crazy. Will you be able to get to the end and find out what awaits you there? Visit the forest, about which there are dark legends and save people!


This game is about a guy who doesn’t remember anything about the previous night. But when he opened his eyes, he saw that a body with a mark lay in front of him. He decided that he could find those who had once disappeared in the creepy forest. No one has yet managed to get out of there alive.

What awaits you here:
• Microphone interaction
• Unexpected screamers
• Huge area with locations
• Disgusting monsters

Your voice is your enemy!

In Silent Breath, players will have to explore locations that are filled with horror. Be careful not to fall into a trap or go astray. Constantly inspect your environment to make sure you are safe! Enemies can sneakily attack from behind when you weren’t even expecting it.

The main feature of the game is that you must be quiet. Don’t make a single sound, even if you’re very scared. Every noise that comes from users’ mouths brings them closer to losing. Learn to control your emotions to complete the mission.