Snake Clash

Snake Clash

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It’s time to remember your childhood! Ask your parents if they remember this challenge? We are sure that you will instantly see tears in their eyes with joy. Snake Clash invites everyone to embark on a slippery adventure! Take control of this long creature and defeat everyone around you!


This game has too simple controls that even the smallest can handle. You just need to guide the reptile in the right directions and collect objects. Or devour your opponents! Visit a huge location where you can prove your superiority over others. Will you be able to become the biggest one on the field?


  1. Eat and Grow
  2. Fight bosses
  3. Upgrade and buy skins
  4. Cunning is not prohibited
  5. Strategic skills

Climb the Food Chain

Well, it seems that everything will be simple. But remember that you are not the only one who wants to gain power in Snake Clash. While on site, users must be very careful not to become someone’s lunch. Deftly maneuver between competitors and use tricks to eat them!

This will help your hero increase in size and rise in the rating table. Also, fans will attack those who are better than them in every aspect. Take courage and show everyone what you are capable of in this game! Tactics are the path to success!