Trash Night

Trash Night

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Do you want to feel the adrenaline in your blood? If you can call yourself a brave person, then you are welcome to Trash Night. Today, players are waiting for events that will turn their world upside down. It will be an exciting experience that will leave a mark on everyone’s life.


The story of the game is about a guy who works as a garbage man. His shifts always fall in the evening and this is not what he always dreamed of. He has been interested in photography since an early age and has always wanted to become a photographer. He truly has a talent that cannot be taken away.


  1. Make your dream come true
  2. Sneak into someone else’s house
  3. Explore all rooms
  4. Take good photos
  5. Don’t forget the rules

Mansion of Evil

In Trash Night, players will control a hero who has a chance to be what he wants. His first task is to visit the house of a famous killer, about whom there are many terrible rumors. You have to climb there secretly and take a couple of interesting shots.

Users can even catch the enemy doing criminal things. In this game you need to be attentive and careful. Every corner of the building looks ominous. It’s impossible to get used to, but try to complete the mission. This process will immerse you in an atmosphere of fear.