The Classrooms

The Classrooms

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Prepare to step into the unsettling world of The Classrooms, a found-footage liminal-space survival horror game developed by Hillcrest Games Inc. and Xefier Games Inc. In 1996, Robert Chen, armed with his trusty VHS camera, investigates the local Canadian public school where students, including his younger sister, have vanished. Little does he know that the school’s layout changes with each playthrough, creating an ever-shifting maze of eerie classrooms and mysterious anomalies.

Gameplay Overview

As Robert, you’ll explore dimly lit corridors, encountering both malevolent entities and benign oddities. The twist? The school’s architecture rearranges itself, ensuring no two experiences are alike. Your VHS camera becomes your lifeline, capturing found footage that reveals hidden secrets.

Unique Features

  1. Procedural Generation: Each playthrough offers a fresh layout, keeping players on edge.
  2. Found-Footage Aesthetic: View the world through Robert’s lens, adding authenticity.
  3. Anomalous Entities: From demons to enigmatic objects, expect the unexpected.

Tips for Surviving

  1. Stay Vigilant: Listen for sounds and use environmental props to distract entities.
  2. Document Everything: Record anomalies with your camera; your found footage is your lifeline.
  3. Navigate Wisely: Avoid dead ends; the maze can trap you.

Remember, The Classrooms is an early access game, constantly evolving. Brace yourself for a surreal, 1990s-inspired horror experience that defies conventions.