The Stairway 7

The Stairway 7

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Let’s dive into the eerie world of The Stairway 7, a gripping horror experience that will push your sanity to its limits. In this endless loop anomaly hunt, you’ll find yourself ensnared within a mysterious structure—an ever-shifting stairwell haunted by anomalies and malevolent forces. Your sole objective? Reach the exit. But beware: lurking anomalies watch your every move, ready to pounce.


Your journey begins on the stairways, each step laden with tension. As you ascend, anomalies skulk in the shadows. Your mission is twofold: keenly observe your surroundings and banish any encountered anomalies. But don’t carry them along—else they’ll inflict harm and, ultimately, end your life.

Guide to Control

  1. Observe: Pay attention to every detail. Anomalies can hide in plain sight.
  2. Descend: If you spot an anomaly, backtrack down the stairways to eliminate it.
  3. Ascend: If no anomalies are visible, proceed upward—but tread cautiously.

Game Modes

The Stairway 7 offers diverse modes to challenge your wits:

  1. Standard Mode: The default experience with escalating difficulty.
  2. Time Attack: Race against the clock to swiftly clear anomalies.
  3. Endless Survival: How long can you endure without a misstep?

Special Features

Prepare for:

  1. Twisted Reality: The stairways warp and shift, keeping you perpetually on edge.
  2. Malevolent Entities: Some anomalies actively pursue you. Stay vigilant!
  3. Environmental Puzzles: Solve cryptic clues to advance.

Do you possess the mettle to survive the bone-chilling terror of The Stairway 7? Test your observation skills, trust your instincts, and unravel the hidden mysteries within this nightmarish loop.

Remember: every step on these stairways conceals secrets, and each could be your last.