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Unpacking is a fascinating process that combines several features. It’s about getting things out of boxes and also about relaxation. If you call yourself a perfectionist, then this challenge is perfect for you. Enjoy this cute and sweet atmosphere while you complete interesting missions!

Moving is not easy!

Just imagine that you bought a new house with more rooms. All are empty and need to be filled as soon as possible. Luggage stands near the doors and waits for you to touch them. In this game, players will take turns opening bags to see what’s inside. Take your time and enjoy every moment!

• Liven up all the rooms
• Explore every nook and cranny
• Uncover character stories
• Arrange furniture and other small items

The life of heroes is unique!

In Unpacking, players will witness eight different moves. Behind each of them is a character you have never seen and will never see. But what is in his suitcases will give clues about his fate. Some of them may hint that he is a master of sports or a lover of shopping.

Experience the feeling of intimacy with them! In this game, every guest can get relaxation and also get rid of stress. Beautiful locations, bright objects and a pleasant soundtrack will allow you to have fun.