Bacon – The Game

Bacon – The Game

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Bacon – The Game is a process with simple rules that creates addiction. We mean that in a good way. Do you want to test your dexterity? What about cooking skills? Hurry up, go to beautiful locations and meet your first mission!

Fry well!

In this game, players will visit a field where they can observe a frying pan. Place a piece of bacon there and move it in different directions. Make sure one side is browned enough! Now turn the object over and repeat the same procedure!

When everything is ready perfectly, then users need to place it on top of the item. Such a tasty and aromatic piece will become a real decoration in Bacon – The Game! It won’t spoil anything or make it look ugly. Just believe it!

Add this to everything:
• Drink
• French fries
• Burger
• Country flags
• Building
• Famous personalities

Don’t lose the ham!

Each player must be very careful and concentrated. Move the character’s hand, which is on the left, and hold the frying pan tightly! Before you throw an appetizing object at an item, you must find the right balance.

You don’t want it to fall and never see it again, do you? In this game you have to constantly practice to make an amazing shot. Life with fatty deliciousness is the best destiny! Don’t you dare deny this fact!