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CLICKOLDING immerses you in an enigmatic scenario: you awaken in a dimly lit hotel room, face-to-face with a masked man who exudes distress. Your sole task? Thumb the meticulously crafted 3D tally counter. But there’s a twist: leaving means forfeiting your earnings, and returning isn’t an option. Stay, and you’ll undergo a transformation akin to the masked man himself.


  1. Tally Counter: At the core of CLICKOLDING lies the intricately designed 3D tally counter. Each press of your thumb shapes the unfolding narrative, revealing layers of mystery and intrigue.
  2. Incremental Progression: Click by click, the story evolves. The rhythm matters—timing can alter your fate.
  3. Narrative Depth: The developers, known for acclaimed titles like Life Eater and El Paso, Elsewhere, have woven a mature, one-sitting storytelling experience.

Guide to Controls

Mastering the controls is essential:

  1. Thumb Click: Advance the story by clicking the tally counter. Pay attention—the masked man’s intentions remain shrouded.
  2. Patience: Resist the urge to leave prematurely. The hotel room holds secrets worth uncovering.

Game Modes and Levels

CLICKOLDING defies conventional game modes, immersing you in a singular experience:

  1. The Hotel Room: Your initial setting. Explore its corners, observe the masked man, and decide your path.
  2. Beyond Space and Thought: Brace yourself for a surreal encounter—an otherworldly twist that transcends logic.

Special Features

Prepare for the unexpected:

  1. Weird Jazz: The haunting soundtrack, composed by award-winning artist RJ Lake, adds an eerie, dissonant layer to the atmosphere.
  2. Locked Bathroom Door: Curiosity tugs at you. What lies behind it?

Remember, in CLICKOLDING, every click matters. Will you stay and unravel the masked man’s secrets, or venture into uncertainty?