Haunt The House

Haunt The House

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Are you ready to embrace your spectral side? In Haunt The House: Terrortown, you step into the ethereal shoes of a mischievous ghost with a penchant for scaring the living daylights out of unsuspecting humans. Developed by SFB Games, this unique game offers a refreshing twist on the supernatural genre. Instead of playing a human hero battling against the unknown, you become the ghostly menace haunting an entire town.

Gameplay and Objectives

Your mission is simple: reclaim what has been lost before the night is over. As a ghost, you can possess everyday objects and use them to scare away 30 pesky intruders who have invaded your home. But beware—the humans in this game fear different things, so choose your haunting tactics wisely!

Guide to Control

  1. Small Taps for Subtle Movement: When navigating through Haunt The House, practice making smaller movements by tapping gently on your phone’s screen. This approach works well in tighter spaces, allowing you to explore without causing a ruckus. For quicker scene transitions, hold down on the screen.
  2. Taking Human Form: One of the coolest features is the ability to take the form of a deceased person. Possess one of the bells in the clock tower, and you’ll transform into a ghostly apparition. Use this power strategically to spook the intruders!
  3. Object Possession: Pay attention to the lower right-hand icon on your display. It indicates which objects you can possess. Humans react differently to various items, so experiment with different possessions. If an object is movable, you’ll see a “Move” icon—tap either side of the screen for maximum scare impact!

Game Modes and Special Features

Haunt The House: Terrortown offers a delightful blend of action and puzzle-solving. As you scare more people, your spirit meter fills up, allowing you to haunt even better. Explore the town’s nooks and crannies, uncover secrets, and enjoy the eerie atmosphere.

So, fellow ghost, embrace the darkness, possess objects, and unleash your ghostly powers. Haunt The House: Terrortown awaits!