Placid Plastic Desktop

Placid Plastic Desktop

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Are your days like hard labor? You don’t know what to do to relax? In this challenge, players can have a great time and forget about stress. Placid Plastic Desktop has simple rules, or rather the lack thereof. What are you willing to do for a long vacation where you can do absolutely nothing?

Enjoy life!

In this game, users will be in the role of a duck, which is made of rubber. You know the ones that float in a bubble bath? But this time you will find yourself in a swimming pool where there is a lot of entertainment. Where do you want to start?

What you can do:
• Sunbathe
• Dive underwater
• Go down the hill
• Swim
• Watch the stars

Each of you can decide what he wants to do right now. Everything you see in front of you belongs to you! How about turning on the radio and listening to calm and pleasant melodies? They are sure to bring a lot of new ideas, so take a chance on Placid Plastic Desktop. Live only for this moment, because there may not be another!

As night falls, the area becomes dark, but you can light the lamps. This will give the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. How about listening to the sound of the waves coming from the seashore? In the game, players can also admire the sky, along which the stripes of airplanes are located.