Purble Place

Purble Place

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Purble Place is intended mainly for children. This process is a set of various puzzles and logical tasks. Each of them develops visual perception skills, logic, reasoning and coordination of movements. Once you come here once, you will repeat it again and again. We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit!

Joy and self-improvement

This challenge contains several mini-games. The whole thing is decorated in bright and attractive colors, which makes it especially attractive to young children. Animated characters and a fun atmosphere create a pleasant visual experience and add to the fun.

What awaits you:
• Memorize and recreate cakes
• Search for pairs among dolls
• Find matching pairs of pictures

Educational aspect

The game will help develop logical thinking, attention, perseverance and creativity. They can learn shapes, colors, match objects and develop motor coordination. The rules are very easy to use, which makes you completely relaxed.

Everyone can easily master the controls without having to study the instructions for a long time. In Purble Place, young users can find out how bright they are. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but keep the goals in mind. Test how quickly you can react or be focused!