Ragdoll Dismounting

Ragdoll Dismounting

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Ragdoll Dismounting is an arcade game that offers players a fun and destructive experience. Each of them will perform extreme stunts on various vehicles and watch crazy physical interactions. It will be fascinating and swallow you up like a black hole. Don’t believe me? Then start quickly to make sure of this!

Dangerous stunts

In this game, users are given the opportunity to complete various tasks. At the same time, they will put their lives on the line in search of adrenaline and entertainment. They can choose different cars to make crazy jumps, flips and crashes.

Types that can be controlled:
• Bicycles
• Cars
• Scooters
• Rocket packs

Variety of levels and scenarios

One of the key elements of the game is physics. This allows you to watch funny and realistic character animations. Falls, bumps and rollovers become the basis, creating comic situations and moments. At the end of the round, users receive a score for their performance.

Ragdoll Dismounting has a huge number of missions. Including various environments, obstacles and challenges that players can experience. Visit city streets and mountain slopes, as well as outer space. Each level offers its own challenges and opportunities for destruction.