Text or Die

Text or Die

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Text or Die is an addictive puzzle game that challenges players to save lives. Follow a simple but exciting rule: write texts and avoid dangers. Users will have to demonstrate their reactions, speed and concentration.

Unique story

In this game, participants will find themselves in the middle of the ocean. Take a place on a high platform and stay there for a huge number of seconds. Be careful because there are dangerous sharks underwater! They are so evil that they will immediately eat you as soon as you enter their territory.

Players will receive a task at the top of the screen. Think twice before replying to this in Text or Die! Write the longest word or sentence to get points for each letter. Can you become a master at this and show off your cool knowledge?

Examples of questions in the quiz:
• Name the state of USA
• Popular social network
• Male name that starts with “A”
• Natural disaster
• Pizza toppings


Here players will perform interesting tasks in the levels. Earn bonuses in the game that will help you survive longer and achieve better results. From increasing writing speed to temporary protection from dangers. This will help participants train their skills and cope with more difficult levels.