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Being a scientist is a lot of fun, especially when you have to collaborate with animals. In Animash, players will receive new types that will change the future. Are you ready for this? Make sure you have a lot of ideas and are full of creativity to get started. Welcome to the laboratory!


In this game, users are faced with an interesting task. They need to take two completely different creatures and connect them. Look what happens! A dog might grow horns, and a peacock might get two more legs. What else can happen here, you will find out during the process!

What types can be opened:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Ultra Rare
  4. Unique
  5. Mythical

Each of the animals you create falls into a category. They are listed above and have separate characteristics. Will you be able to fill them completely? Collections must be collected to certify it all and become a master! Get ready for the game to have a lot of unexpected twists!

Think strategically!

Users of this challenge need to think twice before doing so. What abilities should your pet have? In Animash you can choose between creatures to get the result you want. Be careful and draw up an action plan that will help you move towards your goal! Don’t be afraid and take matters into your own hands!