Gear Clicker

Gear Clicker

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Gear Clicker is an addictive incremental gameplay with a cool feature. It turns monotonous mouse clicking into an exciting adventure of collecting and upgrading mechanical items. Players will have to start with one object and gradually improve their skills and mastery to become a true master. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Magic in every tap

Are you wondering how such a challenge can become addictive? We are ready to answer! There are always unexpected twists and turns in this game. They completely change the subsequent scene and make you think about what will happen next.

What makes you love it:
• Simple rules
• Good graphics
• Improvements
• Opportunity to become a leader
• Cool achievements

Development and growth of the empire

Starting with simple mechanisms, players can gradually expand their success. In Gear Clicker you can create increasingly complex and efficient devices. Improving skills and acquiring new skills will help users reach the highest peaks.

This game offers a variety of rewards that motivate players to continue. Completing tasks and achieving goals opens up new opportunities and brings satisfaction from obtaining excellent results. Make objects move and spin faster!