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Omori is an emotional experience that takes players into a world where reality mixes with fantasy. Mysteries are explored on the edge of dreams and nightmares. Players will interact with the environment through the eyes of the main character, a boy. He is always immersed in his own thoughts and memories.

Open the door to an unknown world

The game’s deep story explores themes of friendship, loss, fear and courage. Each character has their own story and emotional journey. Every minute players will plunge into the dark corners of the hero’s mind, revealing his inner demons.

• Beautiful graphics
• Emotional depth
• Fights with opponents
• Exploring the mysteries

Plot twists

Every choice in Omori has consequences that affect the fate of others. The main task is to help all the characters remember their past. The process also offers an exciting combat system that has elements of strategy. Players must choose between moves and tactics to overcome opponents.

Control a team of four unique friends and visit all locations. On each of them you have to break watermelons to get valuable items. In the game they are of great importance and can change the further outcome of events. Be careful to cope with all the tasks!