Orange Roulette

Orange Roulette

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Imagine a world where an imprisoned orange faces a life-or-death gamble. Welcome to Orange Roulette, a quirky and suspenseful browser game that combines Russian roulette with citrus fruit. In this darkly humorous adventure, players take on the role of an orange desperate for freedom, willing to risk it all in a deadly game.


The premise is simple: the orange sits at a table with a revolver containing one loaded chamber. The cylinder spins, and the tension builds. Will the trigger pull reveal an empty chamber or a fatal bullet? Each round, you decide whether to pull the trigger or pass the gun to the next player—another desperate orange.

Guide to Controls

  1. Spacebar: Pull the trigger (or pass the gun)
  2. Arrow keys: Navigate menus and options

Game Modes

Orange Roulette offers two main modes:

  1. Single Player: Test your luck and survival instincts as a lone orange. How many rounds can you endure?
  2. Multiplayer: Challenge friends or strangers in a nerve-wracking showdown. Who will be the last orange standing?

Special Features

While the core gameplay remains consistent, Orange Roulette surprises players with:

  1. Medals: Achieve milestones and earn medals for your bullet-dodging prowess.
  2. Random Events: Unexpected twists keep the game fresh. Maybe a friendly bee distracts you, or the table wobbles at a crucial moment.
  3. Soundtrack: The haunting background music adds to the tension. It’s like a suspenseful movie score—only fruitier.

Remember, Orange Roulette isn’t just about survival; it’s about embracing absurdity and laughing in the face of danger. Will you emerge victorious, or will your citrus dreams be pulp fiction?